The male. Historical reconstruction of the internal part of the Rocca di Pierle

This page presents a possible reconstruction of the Rocca di Pierle after the rebuilding in 1371. The three-dimensional representation, which facilitates the explanation, was produced by the site's curator. For more information see the info page.

The male is divided into 7 levels. According to the reconstruction made on the basis of the surveys carried out inside the fortress of Pierle, a structure similar to that represented in the three-dimensional cross-sections of this page was imagined. The keep was built in a single block which includes the two towers and the main body with a rectangular plan.
The thickness of the walls at the base is on average 2 meters. The internal volume was divided by 4 internal walls which created 5 identical rooms for each floor. The floors were determined alternately by wooden floors and stone barrel vaults. Each room communicated with the adjacent ones with a series of doors aligned on the north side of the castle and each of them had two large windows to get light from the outside.
To go up to the upper floors there were probably some wooden stairs since in the he central room clearly shows the stairwells, but not the intraveno clamping of steps or flying buttresses supporting eventauli stone stairs.

The terrace, on the top of the keep, constitutes the sixth level of the fortress. This top was made of wood and the beams that supported it rested on stone barbican still clearly legible. The level of the terrace remains about 2 meters lower than the next level, obtained on the top of the keep.
The latter constitutes the patrol path and gives the possibility to look out at the last level of windows that today have been destroyed, but the signs of clamping on the towers can still be read very clearly. In reality there is still a trace of this last level in the eastern part of the keep, where this top part is still intact.

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