The Pierle fortress.

Pierle has had a huge importance in the Middle Ages.
The position where is has always been statregic for all medieval cities and states nearby.
Pierle is at the end of a valley that connects easily the cities of northern Umbria with those of the Chiana Valley in Tuscany.
In the Middle Ages the valley was a fairly major road link. Against which is the reason of such importance?
This is the first of a series of questions to which we will address in this section. But we could also mention other such as why someone indicates Pierle as a fortress while others like the castle; So Pierle is a fortress or a castle?


Roccadipierle home page.

Discovering Pierle

Page that tells of Pierle's discovery

The fortress

Description of the structure of the Rocca di Pierle.

The Fortress

Description of Pierle as a fortress.

In this series of pages are shown some articles related to the aspects that explain how to recognize the most important architectural elements of the Italian castles and medieval fortresses. It will thus reference to the works of fortification, defense, offense. In addition we will also be analyzed for observation issues and control of the territory. Then they will be presented articles and reports on the structure of Pierle castle and will be defined, with diagrams and three-dimensional representations, the military vocation of this magnificent medieval fortress.
In these pages there are several computerized drawings that show historical and cultural aspects related to the life inside a medieval castle where it was under siege.

In fact, many of the fortress building measures are dictated by logistical and technological needs in the event of war and prolonged siege by an enemy army. Inside the fortress are present testimonies that show that nothing was left to chance for vital issues such as the supply of food and water.
In conclusion in this part of the site you can find in addition to a series of specific information about Pierle Castle, even a simple collection of historical artistic concepts to be used to make more rich and rewarding permanence in any medieval castle that has a chance to visit.

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