Ours graphic interface

logo The aim of this page is to show Icons and Logos has been used in then domain roccadipierle.it. This page represent the evidence of graphic work spends for realizzation some parts in ours site. Images and Icons are changed frequently, especially during the holidays.

All images that appear on the site were developed by our staff and are absolutely original. As explained in the INFO section, the material on these pages can be used freely as long as they refer to the website is coming.


The following icons are shown instead of the themes used in the site.

2019.01.18 - Logo 2019

2018.01.06 - Logo 2018

2017.03.21 - 2017 Logo

2016.12.21 - Christmas 2016 Logo

2016.03.21 - 2016 Logo

2015.03.21 - March logo 2015

2015.02.21 - February logo 2015

2015.01.08 - Logo for Winter 2015

2014.12.22 - Winter logo 2014

The following icons (some animated) are designed for special events organized to Pierle. In particular, it shows the icon created for the twentieth Chestnut Festival of 2013 that culminated with a show of fireworks.

logo logo
logo rosa logo bianco logo aurora Logo alba logo pomeriggio logo tramonto logo notte logo notte 2 2014.05.25
logo principale
logo principale
logo principale