Rocca di Pierle

Information and images relating to the monumental complex of the Rocca di Pierle
located in the Municipality of Cortona, Province of Arezzo. Italy.


This site presents the Rocca and the small village that gives its name to the entire valley that opens in the easternmost part of the Municipality of Cortona. This page acts as a collection link for the resources on the net that deal with the Rocca di Pierle.

All the material on these pages was produced by the staff of the site www.roccadipierle.it with the aim of making this splendid hidden castle between umbria and tuscany.

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Thesis on the Rocca di Pierle Laser survey in Pierle Total Station Survey with Three-dimensional Representations of Pierle 3d model after 1371 The Castle Structure The internal


>This site was born for several years but we intend to continue to enrich it slowly as we have always done in order to obtain, over time, a result that will satisfy anyone who is intrigued by medieval castles.


Within the site some sections can be identified where various contents have been inserted. It begins with a page on the history of the fortress, a section that describes the structure of the complex with the aid of 3D reconstructions, then the inevitable photogalley.

The section ''where we are'' in addition to specifying how to reach the Rocca, shows some interesting places to visit nearby. The Link section allows you to access additional resources made available by the collaborators of our staff. The info page allows you to receive information and contacts to communicate with the Rocca's representatives.

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