The Pierle Castle.

The Pierle Castle is one of the least known medieval castles of Tuscany. This depends by the fact that the castle is often closed and that is not fully open because some areas are uninhabitable. For what few know. This section of the site is used to overcome these limitations and it proposes the aim to make known the castle to anyone who desires.


Roccadipierle home page.

Discovering Pierle

Page that tells of Pierle's discovery


Welcome to the Rocca di Pierle.

The village

Description of the village of Pierle.

The fortress

Description of the structure of the Rocca di Pierle.


The valley that takes its name from the Castle of Pierle.


Proposals for visits around the Castle of Pierle.

This section presents different web pages. The first is a welcome page that offers pictures of the fortress to make it recognize those who arrive in the valley of Pierle by the different roads that connect Umbertide, Cortona, Tuoro and Lake Trasimeno.

The second part of this section provides a different material that allows you to understand how it is made the Pierle Castle and how it has changed over the centuries as a result of wars and the historical events of the valley.

The third section deals with describing the fortress from the military point of view and that its defensive and offensive aspects are described. Some of the elements described have been lost but Pierle there is concrete evidence of their existence.

Two other sections are concerned with describing the village that surrounds the castle while the last has some pages that have as common element the Pierle valley that takes its name from this amazing building.

The purpose of these pages is to value and appreciate the historical and cultural treasures of our land to anyone to go to Pierle. For further information do not hesitate to call us using the details on the contact page.

Last update 21/02/2021