The Pierle fortress

In this section of the site are presented some articles related to the castle itself and how it has changed over the centuries. Like many military artifacts, the castle has often changed appearance is due to the changes of use for both the changes in military strategy battles and weapons.


Roccadipierle home page.

Discovering Pierle

Page that tells of Pierle's discovery

The fortress

Description of the structure of the Rocca di Pierle.

The Fortress

Description of Pierle as a fortress.

The current structure

Description of the current structure of the Rocca di Pierle.

The structure after 1371

Description of the structure of Pierle after 1371.

The internal structure

Description of the internal structure of the Rocca di Pierle.

In the first part it is presented the current structure of the fortress. Today it is in ruins condition although in recent years have been carried out of the consolidation works to safeguard the integrity of both the structures and people.

In the second section there is an article that explains how it was made the fortress after his rebuilding of 1371. In that period, the castle was acquired by Cortona's Casali who wanted to make a powerful military fort.

In the third section presents a three-dimensional reconstruction of the interior of the rock structure. The surveys carried out recently have allowed us to define quite clearly the layout of the rooms and their function in the organization of the military fortress.

In the future, this session will be enriched with other items in respect of recovery works and historical reconstructions that integrate recent activities held in Pierle.

Last update 21/02/2021