What we expect from 2021

Here we are, after a 2020 like this so we find ourselves having to make plans for next year, 2021 ... what do we expect ...? Well ... we expect that the COVID Pandemic will pass and that we can start again to go out and go around and resume a normal life ...
What are the projects that concern the Rocca di Pierle after a year and more of de facto blocking of works?
Let's say right away that despite the construction sites blocked starting from March 2020, we did not remain with our hands in our hands ... In fact, we concentrated on more bureaucratic and administrative aspects. We therefore redefined the boundaries of the fortress and managed to overcome those restrictions that limited access to the castle. By doing so, we are now able to enter the fortress with the means of transport having restored the historical entrance to the best.

For 2021 then we intend to continue in the direction traced. We have already presented to the Superintendency of Arezzo the relative documentation for obtaining the authorizations to continue the work to secure the central body of the Castle. We are waiting for the completion of the technical times in order to be able to plan the future restoration interventions of the male windows. possibility of arranging an adequate lighting system. This process also requires a passage to the Superintendency as well as a whole series of technical and bureaucratic steps.
The goal for this year would be to be able to prepare the construction site to fix the internal facades of the castle ... Covid permitting.

In the meantime, while we await the authorizations, we will move the scaffolding tubes that still clutter the internal courtyard of the fortress. After the tower was cleared of scaffolding in October 2019, nothing could be taken away. The innocent tubes are still stacked inside the fortress. We hope to be able to do this as soon as possible.
Same speech, but operationally less complex, is the arrangement of the ivy removed from the facade of the castle. good weather and that the ivy weakens in order to streamline the disposal phases.
These are some of the activities we would like to carry out for this year. It would be the greatest satisfaction to be able to have the central male of the fortress secured within the year ... let's see how it goes ... for the moment let's roll up our hands and let's get busy.

Last update 20/03/2021