Festival of bringoli of San Martino 2018

Lisciano Niccone (PG)

Lisciano Niccone is a small town located in the western part of the province of Perugia and is practically 3 km from the Rocca di Pierle. In this place there has been for several years an event that has no equal: it is the Sagra dei Bringoli.
Given the great success of this event, it was decided to double it over the course of the year. There is therefore a summer edition between July and August and a winter one that falls on St. Martin's Day, November 11th.
This page presents this event where it is possible to taste a dish that represents an excellence of the territory : The bringoli.

The Bringoli are a type of long white pasta, rigorously stretched by hand by the women of the village ... no ... they are not tagliatelle nor strozzapreti ... they are bringoli and are served with different types of sauce depending on the season ... and absolutely must be tried also because as the denomination '' Sagra '' recalls they are characteristic of the place and it is impossible to taste them elsewhere. Offroad routes with Jeeps, races with Metal Detectors and much more ... all occasions to be in company.
For information follow the Facebook page of the event and keep in touch.