Ecological Walk & Afternoon dance

24/04/2016 - Here is the report of the ecological walk with dancing afternoon that took place in Valdipierle on April 24, 2016. This event was organized by Associazione Valdipierle In Allegria the collaboration with the SDB Le Promenade .
Valdipierle in Allegria is a non-profit association that has been working for years to organize socio-cultural activities in our Valley and which again this year will offer many appointments to follow. Do not miss the Palio dei rioni della valdipierle which will be organized in June.
Ballet School 'Le Promenade' is a well-known reality that offers dance courses for the disciplines of Unified Ballroom, Standard and Latin Dances- American at all levels. The school's professional teachers have received world-class awards and hold world-recognized degrees.

The Walk began in Mercatale di Cortona, where the participants of the event gathered around 9.00 on a rainy Sunday morning. We see this photo at the end of the first walk, when they are waiting for latecomers in front of the northern entrance of the Rocca di Pierle..

The participants entered the fortress and were able to stop in the small courtyard and listen to the explanations relating to the defense system of the fortress. Then the group moved into the large courtyard where they listened to the ancient and recent history of the fortress.

After an hour's visit, the group left the fortress to move towards the Church of San Biagio in Pierle.

The Group gathered inside the Church of San Biagio and listened to a brief history of the church and the explanation relating to the belief that Pope St. Leo the Great (Pope Leone I called 'The Great') was born in Pierle.

At the exit from the church, the walk has covered a stretch of the road that starts from Pierle towards Cuiano. In this way it was possible to admire the view of Pierle, of the Rocca, of the valley, and a distant view of the Borgo di Vagli, which is a couple of kilometers from the castle.

At the end of the promenade, the walkers found themselves in the market gardens and reached the multipurpose rooms in smoothno Nicoone where the Bringolo festival takes place every year. The tables were ready set and an aperitif delighted the participants of the event.

The lunch after the walk was very distinctive and inviting. After a waiting aperitif, we were served cold cuts and cheeses with croutons. Then a nice plate of tagliatelle with meat sauce was served. Followed by the characteristic Torta al testo with cooked vegetables and pork ribs. Finally, some homemade desserts completed the menu.

After lunch, the participants moved to the nearby bar to have a coffee. Meanwhile, the staff of the Association took steps to free the multipurpose room of the tables to allow space for the dance floor. From 3:30 pm onwards the dances led by Luca Conti and Alice Perugini began who delighted us with their music.

Thanks to everyone. To Francesco Rosi of the School 'la Promenade' and to the staff of the association 'Valdipierle in allegria' who made this event possible
See you soon.

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