This page that explains how to get to the Rocca di Pierle.
The Rocca di Pierle is located in central Italy, in Tuscany right on the border with Umbria. There are several ways to reach our territory.

Pierle is located in the province of Arezzo in the Municipality of Cortona. To reach the castle, just keep Arezzo as the directrix, whether you are coming from the North or the South.
Following the A1 motorway, just reach Fogliano della Chiana and exit towards Lago Trasimento or Cortona.
Those coming from the direction of Perugia can choose between two options, passing through Passignano or Umbertide. There are therefore four provincial roads to choose from.
At this point the direction is the Municipality of Lisciano Niccone or the town of Mercatale.

The second map on the side indicates where Pierle is, highlighting some of the neighboring municipalities. As we said, there are 4 provincial roads to get to each of which has its own peculiarities
Those arriving from Perugia can use:
- the road from Umbertide: smoother, which crosses the Niccone valley with few curves and the gentle Umbrian hills.
- the road from Passignano : shorter and with a view of Lake Trasimeno, but with two passes to face.
Those coming from Arezzo, on the other hand, can choose:
- the road from Tuoro sul Trasimeno : with the view of Lake Trasimeno, but longer and with some curves.
- the road from Cortona : with the view of the Valdichiana, but with a few curves before arriving.

See you in Pierle