Information on the sale of the fortress

Page that provides all the clarifications relating to the sale of the Rocca di Pierle.

Information regarding the sale of the Rocca di Pierle is summarized below. Pay attention to what is reported below if you have come into contact with subjects who offer Rocca di Pierle for sale.

  • The only person authorized by the Property to release information on the Rocca di Pierle is Eng. Pazzaglia Gabriele reachable through the contact page of the site.
  • Eng. Pazzaglia Gabriele is the sole contact person for the Rocca di Pierle property.
  • No agency or private entity has the mandate to negotiate the sale of the Rocca di Pierle so:
    • No person is authorized to provide information on the Rocca di Pierle.
    • The sites or agencies that list the Rocca di Pierle among their properties do not have any authorization to do so and propose a deal without having sent one.
    • The sites that propose sale prices for the Rocca di Pierle are absolutely unreliable, misleading and at least unprofessional.
  • La Rocca has been on sale for years. Since the early eighties, the co-owners of the fortress have tried to sell it unsuccessfully due to differences and disagreements.
  • The sale took place in 2007. The current ownership has placed in the fortress was sold only until 2009, a period after which the path of Restoration of the fortress was undertaken.
  • Starting from 2010, the operational interventions aimed at recovery of the fortress. The asset is currently undergoing restoration and therefore not for sale.

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